Buy it for the Bottle

Cote des Roses


I purchased this wine for as a gift for my rosé loving friend because of the bottle. The bottom of it is shaped like an actual rose, people! So cute. The low price didn’t hurt either, trust when I say Costco is your friend when it comes to purchasing wine. 

The low price plus the intricate bottle should have tipped me off, this rosé was bland. In the words of New Girl’s Schmidt “It might as well be [bathwater], its rosé”. Usually, I’d disagree, but in this case, he’s not wrong. 

I like two things about rosé, a hint of tingly bubbles (like, you can’t decide if it’s really there or not) and a faintly sweet finish. This rosé had neither. But, the beautiful bottle and ridiculously low price more than made up for the lackluster contents as far as gift presentation goes.

Photo c/o World Market.
Smells like: faintly astringent, with a hint of strawberries. Not pleasant, not unpleasant.

Tastes like: extreme “meh”. Like a 3rd grade play. The actors can’t remember their lines and the folding seat you’ve been sitting in has made your butt fall asleep.

Price: $11 (ish) at Costco

Give this wine as a gift, the bottle is a real show-stopper and people *might* think you spent a considerable amount on such lovely packaging. Someone who hasn’t had their fair share of rosé might even enjoy it! 


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