The Great American Wine Company

Current events have had me guzzling wine lately. Not that I needed the excuse, but I’m running through multiple bottles a week. It’s hard on my wallet, and (I assume) my health. But what’s a girl to do when the current president acts like a lunatic on the daily? Did you see the press conference last week? Enough said. Except, then there was the “rally” on Saturday and the terrible news about Sweden. Oh wait,  what? Nothing happened in Sweden. They are literally laughing at us. 

This all makes me feel crazy and only wine will cure my malaise. 

The Great American Wine Company Cabernet Savignon 2013

Truthfully, I purchased this bottle purely because of the label, it’s cool, it’s hip, it speaks to me.

Smells like: heaven in your glass. For real, expect to breathe in the essence of heaven and fermented grapes with every sniff of this wonder.

Tastes like: literal perfection. You cannot go wrong with this one. This cab sav (see how cool I am? I shorten wine names) is smooth, fresh, and delightful. Pair it with dinner or drink it naked in your bathtub. I’ll have five more glasses please. 

Price: I don’t remember but I know it was less than $20.00

Final thoughts: get this wine. Drink it. Close your eyes and pretend the world isn’t falling to shit and everything’s ok. For at least one moment, it will be. 


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