Weeknights can be rough. I’ve been super tired lately so work feels like it drags all day and when I get home, I just want to chill on the couch with a hefty glass of wine and watch mindless tv.

My wine stash was running low so on Monday, I purchased 6 bottles of wine, all brands that I haven’t tried yet (I usually have my go-to’s so this was big). I couldn’t wait to dig in and since my favorite type of chillaxing wine is a good red blend, I popped open Deadbolt and poured myself a very large serving. 

Check that glorious color!





Winemaker’s Blend
Smells like: wood chips soaked in berry juice

Tastes like: a relaxing bubble bath with salts that smell like dark fruit and ocean 

This red blend was rich like dark chocolate but also light like a fresh breeze. It smelled sweet but thankfully didn’t taste like it! I enjoyed it with pasta smothered in sausage marinara and it was DIVINE. Easy to drink, subtly berry-like with a dry finish that’s not gonna have you reach for water after you guzzle it down. I highly recommend this for a night spent on the couch binge-watching Netflix. 


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