here goes nothing

Ah, the first post. I’m wondering how to begin. I really wanted to start off on a high note, but I fear we’re taking a sharp turn to meh-ville.

I purchased this bottle of sparkles a few days after attending a “bubblies” wine tasting at my favorite little restaurant/gas station/grocery store (I have a feeling this place will pop up a lot in future posts). Anyway, I was feeling real good about the sparkling wines, a true connoisseur, if I may. And my friend was talking about this particular brand on the way to the store so I figured what the hell, let’s give the Rose a try!

I poured a hefty glass before I thought to take a photo. Whoops.
Looks like fruit punch. Tastes like…not that.

Rondel Rose 
Darker Rose color than most Roses I’ve had.
Smell: astringent with a sweet undertone; almost like smelling nail polish remover while drinking a flavored water.

Taste: sweet and kind of rosy, lots of good fizz, slightly bitter (and unpleasant) aftertaste. 

Price: <$10 at Total Wine and More

Final thoughts: I wouldn’t buy this again. Normally, I’m a big fan of Rose. Especially when it’s fizzy. But this was a) too sweet and b) it really had a weird rubbing alcohol taste to it that made me want to puke and die. Jk, I drank the whole bottle because my husband wasn’t going to have any and I will not waste money. Plus, a good buzz always takes the edge off that final glass as you choke it down. 


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